Fairbanks Ranch Homes & Lifestyle

Our unique community offers an extraordinary diversity of businesses, services and eateries. Browse or search the listings below to discover the many nearby businesses that specialize in serving Fairbanks Ranch and Ranch Santa Fe, CA.


  • Automotive

    This category lists all the companies related to automotive rentals, repairs, accessories and services.
  • Business Services

    This category lists all the companies that provide business, household, personal, employment and consultant services.
  • Education

    This category lists everything related to educational institutes and courses offered.
  • Food

    This category involves all items related to food, different cuisines, best restaurant, fast food and bakery deals.
  • Health and Medicine

    This category lists everything related to medicines, hospitals and health care services for adults and children.
  • HOA

    This category gives details about the services related to Home owners associations.
  • IT Services

    This category involves everything related to IT companies, computers and infrastructure product and services.
  • Retail Shopping

    This category lists details related to shopping and deals in different categories like beauty, furniture, bookstores and shoes.
  • Sports and Recreation

    This category lists everything related to sales, services, training and instructors for sports and recreational activities.
  • Travel & Transport

    This category list all the companies providing Hotels, Lodging, Transportation, Travel and Tourism services.