Rancho Santa Fe Residents No Longer #1 Water Users In California


According to new numbers released in October by the State Water Resources Control Board, the residents of Rancho Santa Fe, California have lost their dubious designation as the number one water users in the state after putting new water regulation laws into motion.

This is good news for the town, as just one month prior in September they held the not-so-glorious distinction as being the #1 users of water in the entire state. Official numbers say back then they ranked in at using 517 gallons a day. That’s nearly four times as much water used by other average San Diego communities.

In the face of water reserves running low, Rancho Santa Fe’s water supplier, the Santa Fe Irrigation District enacted their own mandatory water restrictions such as only watering lawns three days a week and only for ten minutes, unless special water saving sprinklers are being used. Additionally, San Diego enacted new regulations as of November 1st of this past year. The regulations included strict times about when sprinklers could run and for how long, as well as a limit on watering plants. The regulations appear to be working well, so a team to enforce these rules has not been hired.

The reduction of water use can be linked to the new regulations as well as the community taking notice, and cutting back. One resident says it’s not entirely the fault of the community. “A lot of residence’s pay gardeners to tend their lawns, and they just don’t pay attention,” Laura de Seroux said. “That’s the way it is here.”

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