Rancho Santa Fe News: Famous McKay Christmas Village Model


One of the more famous homes for Christmas in Rancho Santa Fe belongs to someone named Dianne McKay. Here are a few reasons why her home is famous every Christmas.

Porcelain Dream

McKay’s home has over a hundred structures made of porcelain, and almost one thousand figures to inhabit the Christmas scene she has made. The porcelain village is festooned with cotton in order to give it a properly snowy tone appropriate for Christmas.

The scene has an intense amount of detail in it that includes blinking lights to show inhabited homes. There’s even a trolley that moves around and stops at various points around the village just like it would in real life.

There’s also an opera house that has figurines dancing to popular music.

Realistic Movement

The display allows McKay to control everything with a few remote controls that are carefully hidden underneath part of the rig. This is done through an elaborate system of wires.

The display started out as partially a way for McKay to show the scenes to her children, but once they were too tall and destructive, she had to transplant the scene from knee height to a large display that was taller.

Most of the models are individually purchased collectibles.

Some of the most impressive parts about the display in the house are the little details which include the famous Time Square falling ball, and an area that shows a bit of New York City. The simulated village has become something of a Christmas tradition and attraction to locals to the area.

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