Rancho Santa Fe News: Famous Local Daughter of WWII Ace Supports Charities


According to the Rancho Santa Fe Review, a local philanthropist from the area is the daughter of a World War II ace pilot, and she’s supporting a number of charities.

First and foremost, Kay Isaacson-Liebowitz helped to co-found the World of Children Award for advocating for children. But she also helped serve on the national committee for the National World War II Museum.

Ms. Isaacson-Liebowitz’s father had a number of kills during World War II which put him on a list of aces. He also flew in the Korean War as well.

Both Kay Isaacson-Liebowitz and her husband focus their efforts on helping children by providing awards for those who advocate in their favor. The pair have traveled around the world to grant the World of Children award to various different people.

This means that between the advocacy for children around the world, which had a recent banquet in New York City that raised over a million dollars, and her involvement in the World War II museum due to her famous pilot father, Mrs. Isaacson-Liebowtiz is easily one of the more famous philanthropists in the Rancho Santa Fe area.

The couple together plan to travel to Cambodia and Laos in a few months to help support the program’s efforts involving pediatric hospitals in the area.

Additionally, the couple frequently invites people to join them in helping to support children advocacy programs worldwide on their WorldofChildren.org site.

Overall, it’s likely Kay will be having people ask her questions about either herself and her charity or her pilot father for some time to come.

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