Rancho Santa Fe 5th Graders Excel In National Spotlight


December was a big month for a group of 5th graders from R. Roger Rowe school in Rancho Santa Fe, California. These 5th graders were a part of a robotics team that competed in the First Lego League Southern California Championship.

The 5th graders have named their robotics team the maze runners. As part of the competition they were asked to choose any topic related to learning and then to create a way to help people learn their chosen topic more effectively.

The Maze Runners chose “learning a foreign language” as their topic of choice, and their solution for improving the learning of a foreign language was eloquent enough to earn them a second place finish over all.

The students enjoyed competing and visiting Legoland in San Diego where the championship was held. Rancho Santa Fe residents should be proud of the education system in Rancho Santa Fe because it is offering exciting opportunities for learning like the robotics club, and because prestigious honors like the ones received by the maze runners show that the teachers, volunteers and community members are successfully investing in students.

According to an article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review, “Rancho Santa Fe Fifth Grade Robotics Team Wins Awards At FLL Southern California Championship” by Lorine Wright, the team also received the Judges Inspiration Award. Wright wrote that,

“The team excelled in the core values part of the competition, which places an emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, professionalism and friendly competition.

The Maze Runners team is Nora Gavreau, Logan Johnson, Jake Malter, Malcolm McDonough, Dylan Powell, Brandon Powell, David Scuba and JT Young.”

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