Fairbanks Ranch Paver Remediation Project Update

Here’s the latest update on the Paver Remediation Project from the Fairbanks Ranch Association as of December 9, 2014. 


The Board and Management want to provide you with an update on the Gate 1 Paver Remediation project. The December Newsletter provided the update as of December 1st, but we now have more current information.

♦ Last Thursday, the Board was provided the results from the Engineers’ testing of the sub-grade at Gate 1. These test results were very important, since the failure of the finish sand, bedding sand, and aggregate base were the cause of the original pavers sinking and rutting.

♦ The Board held a Special Executive Session on Friday, 12/5, to meet with the Project Manager, General Contractor and the two geotechnical engineering firm partners to discuss the recommendations being proposed. These recommendations include enhancements to the original specifications to ensure the long term success of the installation.

♦ Upon lengthy deliberations, the Board approved the Engineers’ proposed specifications and the work was to begin this week. On Monday, December 8, the Association was notified that the grading subcontractor responsible for the approved work was no longer available. The General Contractor is hiring a new sub contractor and the removal of sections of concrete sidewalk and curbs will begin tomorrow. Due to rain forecast for Thursday and Friday, no dirt work will begin until next week.

We understand that the delay of the completion of this paver remediation project is a personal inconvenience to many of our homeowners, and, in general, detracts from the beauty of our fine community. As we hope you will appreciate, the greatest concern of the Board is that the re-installation of the pavers be carried out in a prudent manner.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


For more information, you may contact Fairbanks Ranch Association:

Fairbanks Ranch Association
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P.O. Box 8166
Rancho Santa Fe , California 92067

Phone: 858-756-4415
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