Fairbanks Ranch Contractor's Rules and Regulations





Construction Regulations must be read and agreed upon before any construction commences. Owner, Owner/Builder and General Contractor (if used) must sign the Agreement. A meeting with the Owner and General Contractor is required BEFORE commencement of construction. The owner/general contractor is also responsible for any damage caused by their subcontractors and any costs incurred as a result. It is the owner’s/general contractor’s responsibility to inform all sub- contractors of construction rules and regulations. If general contractor is changed subsequent to pre-construction meeting the new contractor must review and sign the Contractor’s Rules and Regulations.


Owners are responsible for all contractors, subcontractors, and workers. Violations of the Contractor’s Rules and Regulations, Fairbanks Ranch Rules and Regulations, Fairbanks Ranch CC&R’s or deviations of plans approved by the Environmental Control Committee may result in any or all of the following:

A. A construction stop order

B. Access to the Ranch denied to all contractors, subcontractors, and workers.

C. Retention for a portion or all of the construction deposit.

D. Corrective action may be taken directly by the Association if requests to correct violations are not completed by the contractor or owner. For examples, signs in violation of the accepted specifications may be removed by the Association if not removed by the owner or contractor. Any cost incurred due to corrective action will be the responsibility of the owner.

E. Fines may be imposed and, if not paid, such fine amounts will be retained from the deposit. A construction stop order may be in effect until any deposit amounts are replenished to the original amount. (CC&R’S, Article III, Section 10) NOTE: If fines reach a total of ½ of initial deposit, they must be paid in full within 30 days of notification. Failure to pay the fine within 30 days will result in fine amounts being retained from the construction deposit. In addition, a construction stop order will be issued until the deposit is replenished to the original amount.


All construction must be completed in accordance with the Environmental Control Committee’s approved plans. The Environmental Control Committee must approve ANY CHANGES to these plans. Failure to do so may result in retention of your deposit and/or fines, a construction stop order, and liens (CC&R’S, Article III, Section 13).


All grading must be done per the APPROVED grading plan submitted to the Environmental Control Committee. An agreed upon benchmark must be utilized by both contractor and Association. ANY CHANGES must be approved prior to initiating the change.


The Environmental Control Committee MUST BE NOTIFIED of any additional import or export of fill not shown on approved plan. If additional earthwork is requested by the soils engineer, a copy of that report must be filed with the Environmental Control Committee. To prevent any delay in your construction process, notify the Association before ANY CHANGES are implemented.

Contact the Clubhouse Office when you are at your approved pad grade and the building envelope is chalked out. All property lines open space easements and other easements must be identified. This must be done before you trench. The construction inspectors will then verify your pad grade and building setbacks. The Association requests that you have property pins identified and where possible the property line properly staked and identified. A line pulled from pin to pin is preferred.

Trenching should take place AFTER you have been notified by the Association in writing that your pad and building envelope is approved. Contractors will bear all costs, if any, in the event this procedure is not followed.

Only those structures shown on GRADING PLANS are approved by the Environmental Control Committee. Layout should follow this plan, not the site plan or landscape plan.


The general contractor must submit a written list of sub-contractors who will need access to the job site. The sub-list must be submitted at the pre-construction meeting. Additions to the sub-list can be faxed to (858) 756-5485 or called in by the general contractor to (858) 756-5050. Only sub- contractors or workers on the submitted list or that have been called in will be allowed access to the property. All others will be refused access, no exceptions. Contractors will be issued construction passes for the appropriate time frame required. Passes must be displayed on the dashboard at all times. All construction vehicles and personnel must enter and exit through the Main Security Centers. Transmitters are solely for the use of lot owners. Unauthorized use of transmitters by non-lot owners will result in confiscation of transmitters and/or a substantial fine. (Please note Item #7 for large vehicles.)


Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday/Legal Holidays NO CONSTRUCTION


Drivers of all large trucks must be authorized in advance by the contractor giving the Association the name and appropriate lot number. All dirt moving vehicles, redi-mix trucks, and all multi-axle trucks must get prior authorization from the Clubhouse before entering the property. Heavy load vehicles are to use the entrance gate in closest proximity to lot destination. A 24-hour notice must be given. Construction transmitters will be issued for access.


A method of erosion control on construction sites must be shown on the grading plan and approved before construction commences.

All siltation runoff must be kept off streets, adjoining properties, and most importantly, around lakes and storm drains.

All sites requiring cut or fill applications will have greater erosion control requirements.

Use of fabric, sandbags, initial drainage systems and/or planting of banks will be required.

The type and degree of erosion control will depend on lot location, time of year, and grading plans submitted.

Contractors will be responsible for any damage sustained due to a lack of, or failure to control erosion from construction sites. Notification of compliance by sub-contractors is imperative. It is the owner’s/contractor’s responsibility to notify all subcontractors of erosion control requirements.

All denuded slopes should be planted within thirty (30) days.

Please refer to erosion control package you received in your submittal package.


All trash and debris must be confined to the construction lot and placed in a trash bin or container on the lot. All rubbish and trash shall be regularly removed from each lot and shall not be allowed to accumulate. Trash bin should be kept out of Association’s 10 ft. right of way.


Owners/Contractors are responsible for cleanup of roadways on a daily basis. Soil must be kept off streets by use of sandbags or whatever other means available. Contractors are responsible for any concrete spills on roadways from redi-mix trucks en route to their job-site. Gravel (3/4″ minimum) should be applied at driveway entrances. Soil build-up on streets must be shoveled back on to the site daily. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. ANY LOT NOT CONFORMING TO THIS REQUIREMENT WILL BE ASSESSED A FINE WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Owners/Contractors are responsible for damage caused to streets and curbs. Homeowner’s construction deposit will be refunded only if curbs are found to be in the same condition as was existing prior to commencement of construction. No drainage pipes larger than 3 inches may be day lighted through curbing. Refer to curb outlet detail.


All construction material, trailers, toilets, equipment, and construction signage must be at least ten (10) feet back from the curb and not in the open space. Driveways should be poured and completed as soon as possible. Vehicles should not be driven on lots in wet conditions. All redi-mix trucks must clean out on lot where pour is made.
Vehicles and equipment, which are currently involved in the construction process, may be
kept overnight on the construction site. Use of adjoining lots for storage is not allowed without written permission from lot owner.


No overnight parking shall be permitted on any portion of the private streets.


During construction, there shall be only one (1) job identification sign no larger than 18 X 24 inches (CC&R’S, Article IV, Section 6). All Signage shall be removed after construction has been completed.

14. PETS

No pets of any kind will be permitted to come into the Ranch.


The speed limit is 30 MPH. This speed is strictly enforced with Radar controlled equipment.


Must be maintained by the owner during the construction process and cannot be removed.


After review you will receive written notification of the results. Written approval is necessary before proceeding to the next stage. Contractors are responsible for calling the Association Office (858-756-4415) for the following reviews:

**ROUGH GRADE: Call for review when your finished pad is completed and chalk lines are down. At this time, setbacks and grades will be verified. A pad certification by a civil engineer is required.

DRAINAGE: Call for review when drainage is installed. Drainage should be installed as early as possible.

FRAMING: Call for review when framing is completed and prior to installation of exterior

COLOR: Call for review of color prior to application of final finish coat.

**LANDSCAPE: Before implementation of approved landscape plan, a meeting should be held between the landscape contractor and the Association inspector.

FINAL PROPERTY REVIEW: At this time, the following will be verified: Elevations, final grade, landscape, curbs, street, and construction debris removed. Driveway apron joints must be sealed.


A. If a violation occurs, and the problem is not corrected in a timely manner, a fine will be imposed. (A construction stop order may be issued if deemed necessary.)

B. The owner will be notified of such fines and will be given an opportunity to attend a meeting and show just cause why the fine should not be assessed. If just cause can be shown, the fine will be dismissed. If the owner fails to show just cause, the fine will be assessed (CC&R’S, Article III, Section 13, (3) Enforcement by Lien).

**Automatic $2,000 fine if this procedure is not followed. A stop work may be implemented until the fine is paid.


MINOR VIOLATIONS include, but are not limited to:
Signage violations, violations pertaining to materials, equipment, toilets, or construction trailers placed within ten (10) feet of right of way.

The minimum fine for Minor Violations will be $50/day.

MEDIUM VIOLATIONS include, but are not limited to:
Dirty streets, trash not being placed in dumpster, illegal dumping on other lots, work during non-approved hours, and unauthorized gate transmitter usage. The minimum fine for Medium Violations will be $100/day.

MAJOR VIOLATIONS include, but are not limited to:
Commencement of construction without approval and/or plan change without approval.

The fine for Major Violations will be $500-$5,000/day.

NOTE: Any violations – minor or major – may result in revocation of access to Fairbanks Ranch. This action is subject to the sole discretion of Fairbanks Ranch Association (Refer to Page 1, Item 2, Violations). In addition, the above fines may be changed at any time deemed necessary by the Association to enforce regulations.


No construction is allowed on the following dates:

New Years Day: January 1st

President’s Day: Third Monday in February

Memorial Day: Last Monday in May

Independence Day: July 4th

Labor Day: First Monday in September

Thanksgiving: Fourth Thursday in November

Christmas: December 25th


Click here to download a print out of Fairbanks Ranch Contractor’s Rules and Regulations form.

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