Fairbanks Ranch Association November 2014 Board Meeting

Residents are invited and encouraged to attend the open meeting of the Board of Directors to present their viewpoints on issues being addressed. The Executive Session is a closed meeting (not open to member attendance). Our next open meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, November 19, at 7:00 p.m. Notice of the meeting dates and times is posted on the gates and in the Clubhouse at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.


Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

7:00 PM Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse

1. Call Regular Meeting to Order, Establish Quorum

2. Disclosure: Issues Covered in Executive Session – Legal, Disciplinary, Delinquency, Contractual & Personnel

3. Approval of General Session Board Minutes: A. General Session 10/22/2014

4. Open Forum

5. Management Reports

General Manager
Finance Report
Community Events
Maintenance Report
Security Update & Report

6. Committee Reports and Action Items

Environmental Control Committee – Rich Sparber

Report/Draft Minutes –Meeting 11/11/14

Finance Advisory Committee – Lynn Terhorst

Report/Recommendations & Draft Minutes – Meeting 11/12/14

Approve Financial Statements/Investments

Information Technology Committee – Matt Habeger

No Meeting

Landscape Advisory Committee – Stephanie Friedrich

Report/Recommendations & Draft Minutes –11/03/2014

Planning & Land Use Committee – Bob Gerard

Report/Draft Minutes- Meeting 11/5/2014

Security Advisory Committee – Bonnie Steinberg

Report/Draft Minutes -10/28/2014

Tennis Advisory Committee – Nancy Jastremski

Report/Recommendations & Draft Minutes- Meeting 11/11/14

Social Advisory Committee- Belinda Foley

No Meeting

Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee – Jack Simkin

Report & Draft Minutes – 10/23/14 and 11/6/14

7. Consent Calendar

A. Approve the October 2014 Financials as recommended by the Finance Committee

B. Approve the reinvestment of three CD’s from the Reserves and Operating Fund for of up to six months

C. Approve the resolution to record liens in accordance with the Assessment Collection Policy for APN numbers 269-202-17-00, 269-151-31-00, 269-162-28-00, 269-192-26-00, 269-172-15-00, 269-162-23-00, 269-191-49-00, 269-193-06-00, 269-192-59-00, 269-191-12-00, 269-162-35-00, 269-161-11-00, 269-171-20-00

8. Unfinished Business

A. Paver Remediation Project Report

B. Review/Approve Landscape Proposals submitted by O’Connell Landscape and recommended by LAC for two new areas around the lake at a cost of $2,330 to be paid from capital

9. New Business

A. Review/Approve the Clubhouse landscape lighting proposal at a cost of $4, 475 to be paid from capital

B. Review/Approve legal fees incurred from paver remediation project ($27,030), to be paid for by the Gates Fund

C. Approve the proposal for Newman & Associates to prepare the 2014 Audit and Tax Returns at a cost of $3,250

D. Discuss the proposal for maintenance to install a shade structure over play equipment from capital

E. Review/Accept the proposed Rule Changes as recommended by the Tennis Committee

F. Review/Discuss request for Direction from Tennis Advisory Committee regarding Tennis Pro

G. Approve the appointment of Suzanne Lichter and Rick Romney to the Tennis Court Renovation Ad Hoc Committee

H. Approve the appointment of George Peyser, Robert Buie, Susan Ellner & Jennifer Harrison to the Horse Trail Ad Hoc Committee

I. Discuss the addition of digital speed sign on Circa del Norte near Lot 160 to be paid from capital

J. Review/Approve proposal for Depredation of Coots

10. ADJOURN MEETING: The next meeting of the Board of Directors is December 10, 2014 AT 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse.

To download Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, click here.


Board of Directors Executive Session Agenda

5:30 PM Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse Conference Room


1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Executive Session Minutes

a. Executive Session 10/22/14
b. Special Executive Session 11/3/14

3. Legal Issues

a. Update on pending legal issues
b. Review of Attorney Invoices
c. Ratify action re: Settlement Agreement

4. Assessment Collection Issues

a. Report of Delinquency Actions
b. Review/Discuss Lien Resolution for APN numbers: (motion in General Session)

5. Disciplinary Matters

a. Rules Enforcement Meeting Scheduled for December 2, 2014

i. Review of 11/4/14 minutes
ii. Volunteers for December meeting

6. Contractual Matters

a. Review of Monitoring Contract/ Legal Opinion re: alarm monitoring
b. Review of EQ Operating Agreement
c. Discuss/Review Letter of Interest from A. J. Gallagher Insurance
d. Discuss Policy for the Bidding Process

7. Personnel
a. Review Payroll Request
b. Security Department Update
c. Compensation Sub-Committee Report to Board (6:30 pm)

8. Adjourn (6:50 pm)

The next Executive Session of the Board of Directors is scheduled for December 10, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room.

 To download Board of Directors Executive Session Agenda, click here.



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