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Fairbanks Ranch Association: Paver Remediation Project Update


Here’s a quick update from Marlene E. King (FRA Board President) about the Paver Remediation Project:

The Board of Directors wishes to address ongoing concerns about the observed lack of progress with the gate one paver work. The November, December and January FRA Monthly Reports provided page one updates from General Manager Baker. What follows are some pertinent facts that may be helpful in understanding how we arrived at our current situation.

♥ At the Board’s first meeting in May, we directed the Contractor, sub-contractors and Project management consultant to promptly sign the indemnification documents, etc., that our Association Counsel drafted to protect Association interests. It took until September 30, 2014 to obtain signatures from all parties.

♥ During this period we were made aware that the paver sub-contractor, owner of a small company, was being treated for cancer. This caused further delay.

♥ News media reported we were entering an El Nino/Southern Oscillation weather cycle (ENSO). El Nino is named for the “Christ Child”, because that abnormal weather phenomenon typically arrives around Christmas; it arrived early. Scientists have determined that only half of ENSO cycles result in abnormally high rainfall and they are unable to predict if an ENSO will be wet or dry.

♥ Traditionally, wind-driven wildfire evacuations have taken place the end of October, first days of November. (Last May’s evacuation was unusual.) The Board was mindful of scheduling paver remediation during this historic wildfire season. We did not wish to have a main entry gate shut down, leaving one of only two remaining gates constricted by the placement of a temporary guard trailer in a possible evacuation pathway. We wanted all six entry gates to be freely accessible.

The long and the short of it is that the dirt needs to dry to the point where both geotechnical firms sign-off that the dirt base is properly dry, compacted, and graded. The next process is the installation of the CTB (cement treated base), which requires a week to properly cure. Paver installation, during dry weather, requires another two weeks. Forward progress is dependent upon rainfall events.

We acknowledge that each and every one of you has been personally inconvenienced by the gate one work not being completed on schedule. Gate one users on a good day add at least 7 ½ minutes each trip. Gate three users wait behind guests/vendors requiring access approval. Gate two users experience increased wait times as more vehicles now wait for a break in the traffic on San Dieguito Road. Viewing the temporary security trailer is likely tiresome. South side owners are delayed when visiting friends or using the Clubhouse or common area amenities. The gate one paver completion schedule has been an equal opportunity source of frustration for all parties.

As I am sure you all appreciate, the Board desired that this project be completed in four weeks. This was the construction schedule repeatedly promised by all parties: Contractor, Geotechnical Engineers, Paver sub-contractor and our Project Management Consultant.

The Board appreciates the comments, questions, offers of help and, yes, the complaints. We will continue to work this problem to completion. The uptick in “feedback” from our community has helped focus the attention of those parties who created the problem in the first place, and now must fix their errors.

Again, the Board of Directors and Management acknowledge the delays in this project. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and we thank you when you have cared about our community to communicate your irritation and frustration.

Marlene E. King
FRA Board President

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