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Fairbanks Ranch Monthly Report: January 2015 Newsletter





2015 Board of Directors Candidacy & Election

The current Board of Directors has announced a request for candidates for the 2015 Election of the Board of Directors. This year the positions currently held by Marlene King and Beth Golub will expire and be up for consideration.

The Board of Directors is a volunteer body responsible for overseeing the affairs and finances of the Association with the assistance of standing and ad hoc resident committees and permanent paid staff.  The Board is composed of five members, each holding a two-year term. Directors Matt Habeger, Richard Johnson, and Donald Levy remain on the Board of Directors, with terms due to expire in May 2016.

Any member of the Association in good standing is eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors. However, all members desiring to run must complete a Candidate Qualification Form and return it prior to the April 1, 2015 deadline in order to be named on the official ballot. A copy of each candidate’s completed Candidacy Qualification Form will be enclosed with the official ballot package mailed to each member in mid April.

The actions of the Board of Directors are important to our community. We strongly recommend that all members exercise their right to vote for Directors and assist the Association in achieving the quorum of members needed for a valid election. We will continue to accept candidacy forms until 5:00 PM on April 1, 2015. Election materials will be distributed to all Fairbanks Ranch Association members on or before Friday, April 10, 2015 for their review and consideration.

Below is the full outline of the 2015 Board of Directors Election Schedule and the Candidate Qualification Form:




Community Events

Coffee by the Lake
Coffee and pastries are served every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30 – 11:30 AM at the Clubhouse. Complimentary.

Children’s Karate
Classes will resumed last September. Tuesdays 4:00 PM, Tiny Tigers; 4:30 PM, Juniors/ Black Belt Club; 5:10 PM, Black Belt Club only. Fee-based class.

Ladies Stretch Group
Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 – 9:00 AM at the Clubhouse. Complimentary.

YOGA Class
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:15 am – 11:15 am. Fee-based class.

Zumba Dance
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:05 -10:05 AM at the Clubhouse. All fitness levels welcome. Fee-based class.

Mondays from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Clubhouse. All levels welcome. Complimentary.


6 – 6:00 PM Rules Violation Mtg.
12 – 10:00 AM Landscape Comm. Mtg.
13 – 4:00 PM Tennis Comm. Mtg.
13 – 6:00 PM ECC Mtg.
13 – 7:00 PM P & L Use Mtg.
14 – 9:30 AM Ladies Invest. Club
16 – 12:30 PM Social Comm. Mtg.
20 – 7:00 PM SAC Mtg.
21 – 6:00 PM Finance Mtg.
28 – 7:00 PM Board Mtg.

3 – 6:00 PM Rules Violation Mtg.
9 – 10:00AM Landscape Comm. Mtg.
10 – 6:00 PM ECC Mtg.
11 – 9:30 AM Ladies Invest. Club
17 – 7:00 PM SAC Mtg.
18 – 6:00 PM Finance Mtg.
25 – 7:00 PM Board Mtg.

All events are held at the Clubhouse unless otherwise noted; dates are subject to change.


Paver Remediation Update

The Board and Management continue to work to ensure that the paver remediation is completed successfully at Gate 1. As we began the project in November, the proposed plan was to complete the project within four weeks. However, at that time, the weather forecast did not include much rain until January. As luck would have it, when we began the project the weather changed.

After the pavers and the base were removed, the Engineer reported concerns with the condition of the sub grade which needed to be properly addressed. Immediately upon receipt of the report, the Board met with the engineers and contractors to discuss the concerns. To ensure that the Association would not experience another failure, the Board approved added improvements to the base to support the pavers. Since the decision on how to move forward was approved in early December, we have experienced substantial rain. The soil is currently too wet to provide the proper base. Several attempts to compact and prepare the base have been made, but the moisture content in the soil is too high to proceed.

As I was preparing this article, we experienced more rain. The soil needs to dry out and once it meets the specifications for a proper base (proper moisture content) the contractor estimates 20 working days to complete Gate 1.

This construction project impacts everyone in the community. We regret the inconvenience that this repair creates, but it is very important that this repair is done correctly. We will move forward as quickly as possible and appreciate everyone’s cooperation in dealing with alternate routing of traffic during construction. Every effort is being made to complete the work in a timely manner so that regular traffic can be restored. Thank you for your consideration and patience.

While Gate 1 (North side manned gate) is under construction, guest and vendor tra2c is being redirected though a temporary manned gate which has been established inside of Gate 3 near the Clubhouse entrance (17651 Circa del Norte). Gate 1 will be closed to traffic until the project is completed. We ask your cooperation in notifying guest and vendors that Gate 1 will be closed to traffic and inform them to enter through Gate 3 using the address provided above. Residents are encouraged to use Gate 2 to help reduce the traffic at Gate 3. Vendors and guests must use Gate 3. If you have any questions regarding these changes or access issues please contact the Security Office at 756-0938.

Once Gate 1 is completed, the Board will discuss when to schedule the repair to Gate 6.


Quarterly Assessment Reminder

First Quarter 2015 account statements were mailed on approximately the 15th of December. If for any reason you did not received your statement, please be sure to contact the Clubhouse to request a duplicate copy. Please remember you are responsible for making sure your dues get paid. As a reminder here is a brief description of how the delinquency process works and the payment options available to you:

Assessments are due the first day of each quarter:

1st Quarter…… due January 1st
2nd Quarter…. due April 1st
3rd Quarter….. due July 1st
4th Quarter….. due October 1st

Delinquencies are assessed on the following schedule:

15+ days delinquent: Reminder letters are sent out

30+ days delinquent: A late fee of 10% is billed to the account An interest fee of 1% is billed to the account for each month of delinquency

45 days delinquent: Collection process begins

Please refer to the Fairbanks Ranch Association Assessment Collection Policy section of the 2014 Budget for further details regarding this process.


Payment Options

ACH Program (automatic checking account withdrawal)

On approximately the 10th of the /rst month of each quarter we will automatically withdrawal the exact amount due on your account from the checking account you provide to us. This program is free, saves time & postage, guarantees payment, and ensures no late fees or interest charges are required.

2014 ACH Scheduled Withdrawal Dates:
*January 10th *April 10th *July 10th *October 10th

Credit Card or E-Check

Both of these forms of payment are easy and convenient. You can find the links to pay by credit card and e-check on our website at www.fairbanksranch.org. Once you log in, click on the menu item for “Online Payments” to get all the information on these forms of payment. Convenience fees may apply.

If you have any questions please contact Accounting Manager Hannah King at 858-756-4415 or hking@fairbanksranch.org


General Manager’s Message

Deborah Baker, CCAM, AMS


We are welcoming in a new year! For some people, the New Year may prompt you to take stock of all you have accomplished (or not accomplished) during the previous year. It is the time for new beginnings and resolutions. My resolution is to continue to work hard to meet the needs of the community and believe that together we can work toward a common goal of keeping Fairbanks Ranch the best of the best. 0is is a perfect time for you to consider becoming a volunteer. Whether it is as a Board member, Committee member, Homeowner or Management staff, we all have a very important responsibility to ensure that our community association continues to prosper.

DECEMBER 10, 2014 BOARD MEETING: The Board of Directors had a full agenda for the December 10, 2014 meeting. A larger number of residents attended the meeting due to the scheduled presentation by the Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee. The audience included residents that are supportive of the dog park and those that are opposed. Jack Simkin, Chairman of the Committee, made the presentation and did an excellent job. The Committee’s recommendation was for the Board to approve the construction of a Dog Park on the common area located across from the Clubhouse. Upon deliberation following the presentation, the Board agreed that the Committee provided good information; however before making this important decision, the Board would like to make every effort to hear from all residents. Management was directed to send out an Advisory Ballot regarding this matter. The Board continued the business meeting and approved the consent calendar which included the approval of request from Sprint and AT&T to modify their cell towers.

Unfinished Business: The Board reviewed but did not approve the following agenda items: a request to add lighting to the front Clubhouse landscape at a cost of $4,475, and a request for a shade structure over a park play area to be paid
from capital. The Board did approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation to transfer year end operating pro/t to reserves, and the purchase of a digital read out speed sign at a cost of $4,092 for Circa del Norte to be paid from capital.

New Business: The Board approved the 2015 Annual Election Schedule which establishes the needed deadlines in preparation of the Annual Meeting scheduled for May 13, 2015; Reviewedand accepted proposed rule changes regarding CC&R Enforcement to be mailed to the residents for a 30 day comment period; Appointed Jim Nierman as Chair and Stephanie Friedrich as ViceChair for the Environmental Control Committee (ECC); and approved the Rule Change, as recommended by the Tennis Committee, to remove the 3:00pm – 6:00 pm restrictions for visiting Tennis Pros. The Board requested modifications to the Health Insurance Benefit package submitted and will vote by Action without a Meeting prior to December 16th. This will allow the benefit information to be provided to the employees in time for the 2015 renewal.

IMPORTANT MAILING TO ALL RESIDENTS: As required by Civil Code, the proposed rule changes that have been reviewed and accepted by the Board of Directors over the last few months, will be mailed to all residents to allow for a 30 day comment period prior to the Board reviewing for approval. This mailing will include two important documents: (1) the proposed rule change information and (2) the Dog Park Advisory Ballot. The mailing will be sent by January 15, 2015. To provide the 30 day comment period and allow residents time to return the Dog Park advisory ballot, the Board will discuss both items at the February 25, 2015 meeting. Please watch for this mailing and be sure to participate.

THANK YOU: As 2014 comes to an end, I want to thank the members of the Board of Directors and all Committee members for their hard work and dedication. Fairbanks Ranch continues to thrive with the help and support of the volunteers that work tirelessly to support the Community and Management. Thank you for your support.


Neighbors Giving to Neighbors

Marlene E. King, Board President


December 24th found me driving slowly throughout our community, taking note of decorated front yards: bright lights, wreaths, garlands, reindeer, candy canes, snow people, and assorted figures requiring air machines to keep them erect! The slow drive was prompted after being struck by how friendly and giving it is that neighbors put up displays, however large or small. I hope you have enjoyed these festive “gifts” as I have.

For many years I thought it would be a nice idea if our night shift Security staff were the judges for some informal holiday decoration prizes. Who else has as much experience viewing the displays? Seemed like a good idea, until I actually started comparing. As I was scribbling notes about homes that caught my eye, I quickly concluded there is more subjectivity to the task than I ever appreciated.

That being said, I share a few of the homes that brought a smile, caused a double-take, or made me gasp in admiration. Starting on the North side, the neighbors on Avenida Floresta had lots of festive displays, but the Avenida Loma de Oro light displays caused those neighbors’ SDG&E meters to spin! If Google Earth posted nighttime satellite photos, there is no doubt those two streets would be the brightest streets in all of Fairbanks Ranch. Fred and Lynn Muto outlined their windows with white lights – a charming and homey effect. Joe and Terri Davis again shared their plywood display of Peanuts cartoon characters, allowing Nancy Kollisch and Je1 Pressman’s Golden Retriever, Buddy, to again give obeisance to Snoopy. Those of us who have lived in Fairbanks since the early 1990’s no doubt have fond memories of the ginormous lighted trees at Dan and Janice Tevrizian’s. Strung by Dan and the kids, in the good old days their lights were up by Thanksgiving. This year’s front door – crimson wreaths, green garland, and white poinsettias – was strikingly elegant. John and Jennifer Beane’s light display was noticeable from all lots east of gate three; it was only when I “drove toward the light” that I got a chuckle spying Santa hanging from the roof by his fingertips!

On the South side, Larry and Liz Wolfe could teach the White House a thing or two about spectacular display. I still remember many, many years ago when I first caught sight of their tall tree through the beveled glass front doors. Dreamy. Gorgeous then and even more gorgeous now with the garlands and wreaths and their uber bright reindeer suspended between trees. Paul and Estee Gubbay’s display intrigued, as it was all happening downhill from street level: candy canes, snow people and lots of red lights. Don and Julie MacNeil’s traditional styled porch was festooned with wreaths and garlands and conjured up visions of family gathered around the hearth. Frank and Cheryl Potenziani’s home caused me to do a triple-take: a corner lot, there were lots of lights and this and that, but their inflatable Santa, giving every passerby a smile and a friendly wave, captured my fancy. That Santa personified all the happy thoughts of the holiday season.

I want to thank each of you who made our wonderful community brighter this season. There was a sense of auld lang syne as the drive concluded. Memories surfaced of those who have moved away and those who have passed away, as the heart of our Fairbanks Ranch community is family, friends and neighbors.

Best wishes to each of you in 2015, which marks our community’s thirty-fifth anniversary.


 Winter Wonderland 2014


Winter Wonderland

More pictures available on www.fairbanksranch.org 


Fairbanks Ranch Dog Park


FR Jan_page2_image1

At the May 22, 2014 Board of Directors meeting the request for the Board to discuss the addition of a Fairbanks Ranch dog park was made. A survey and an article in the newsletter were sent out to request input from the community. From there, an Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee was created to do research and put together their recommendation based off of this research. At the December 10, 2014 Board of Directors meeting the Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee gave their recommendation to the Board.

The Board of Directors is looking to the community for an advisory vote on the proposed addition of a dog park. A mailing will go out to all homeowners this month which will include information on the dog park. Please be sure to keep your eyes out for the mailing and send in your vote. All of the information that will be included in the mailing will also be available on www.fairbanksranch.org. The votes will be reviewed by the Board at the February 25, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting.



Director of Security, Michael Yaptango

Residential Alarm Systems

Question: What happens when there is an alarm activation at my residence?

Many things occur when a residential alarm is activated. Your alarm monitoring company will receive a signal indicating the alarm activation. 0e monitoring center will call the residence to get more information in order to facilitate an appropriate response. This initial responsibility is very important.

I am recommending that every homeowner ensure that your residential alarms are tested on a monthly basis whereupon your alarm company validates that a test signal was received. You need to contact your alarm company immediately if they do not receive a signal from your home alarm.

I am also recommending that each resident routinely update their respective alarm profiles in order that the monitoring company can efficiently and effectively notify police, fire, paramedics and Fairbanks Ranch Security about the nature of the alarm.

Fairbanks Ranch security personnel will respond to all residential alarms after being notified by your alarm monitoring company. Officers rely on the information passed on to them by your alarm company. Security personnel will also complete an incident report for each alarm activation response. The incident report will contain information about the nature of the alarm, the time security was advised of the alarm, and the time security responded to the call. The report will also contain a brief explanation of the incident. Here is an example:

“Security received a call from Ranch & Coast Alarm company at 7PM regarding a residential alarm at Lot ____ . Thee alarm covered a rear door to the residence. Officers arrived at the residence at 7:03 PM. 0ey went to the rear of the residence to check the rear door. Officers noted that the door was locked and secured. They did not see any unusual activity. Officer Kwik called Ranch & Coast Security to notify them of our findings.”


GPS coordinates for the main gates are:

  • Gate 1 – 16401 Circa Del Norte
  • Gate 6 – 16607 Circa Del Sur

Note: Gate #3 is being used to access the north side of the community while Gate #1 is under renovation. The GPS address for Gate #3 is 17651 Circa del Norte. Please pass this on to your guests and vendors. These GPS coordinates will be helpful in directing them to the appropriate main gate for access into Fairbanks Ranch.

When requested by residents, security will staff additional officers to facilitate access for large groups of vehicles/guests. Please help us by making arrangements with security as early as possible in order that we may meet your needs. Please contact Lieutenant David King at Main Gate #1, 858-756-5050, for details.

Security Advisory Committee:

The Security Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday, January 20th at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse. The committee has a vacant position and interested residents can contact Rachel Wake/eld in the Security office for more information.

The current members include:

Bonnie Steinberg — Chairperson
Jamie Wallace —  Co-Chair
William Black —  Member
Joleene Cannon  —  Member
Mike Fuller  —  Member
Janet Mittleman  —  Member

The Security Department

First Watch

Duayne Giron
Patricia Wehling Sergio
Bazua Marin Hernandez
Ben Lazzaro
Derich Sonye
Gina Spadacini

Second Watch

Dave King
Paul Bustamante
Christian Hansen
Trevor Ernst
Joe Petronaci (In Memoriam)
Stephen Kwik
Jim Kerins

Third Watch

Tony Tello
Mike Thiem
Richard Davis
Bobbie Cook
Juan Martinez
Tim Browning
Jose Garcia

Administrative Staff

Rachel Wakefield – Admin. Assistant
Michael Yaptangco – Security Director



Architectural & Construction Manager, Don Frank



1Projects Reviewed by the ECC: DECEMBER 2014


Lot 042 Remove & Replace Driveway
Lot 284 Solar Panels
Lot 445 Patio Shade Structure
Lot 475 TV Satellite Dish
Lot 483 Tree Removal

The complete minutes for meetings of the Environmental Control Committee are available at: www.fairbanksranch.org for those who log onto this secure site. If you have questions about the log-in process, please contact info@fairbanksranch.org

Don Frank, Architectural & Construction Manager
Phone: 858-756-4415
Fax: 858-756-5485
E-mail: dfrank@fairbanksranch.org



Director of Financial Services, Vartan Yacoubian



For November 2014, the Association’s expenses exceeded revenues by $47,621, due to the curb & gutter work. Year-to-date, the net operating income is $223,427. When compared to our budgeted operating income of ($24,054), the result is a favorable variance of $247,481.



Las Damas Secretary, Solveig Bassham


Las Damas de Fairbanks

Holiday Home Tour

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Holiday Home Tour last month, as you made it one of our most successful home tours ever despite the wet and rainy conditions! 0e fun day began with coffee, hot cider and treats at the Clubhouse with an opportunity to mingle and chat with friends and neighbors. Everyone then toured six magnificently decorated homes on their own, and later met up again at a beautiful luncheon where there were opportunity drawings for amazing gift baskets generously donated by both the DreamKeepers and Las Damas board members, and where there were opportunities for last minute holiday shopping with various local vendors. This was such a great event to kick-off the holiday season and everyone’s contribution helped raise a substantial donation to benefit the Family Recovery Center of Oceanside. We would especially like to thank our six lovely homeowners, Virginia Bacalski, Melia Fuller, Jennifer Harrison, Lauren Hasson, Ellen Kish, and Jeannie Ranglas who opened up their beautifully decorated homes for the tour. 0ey truly made it a fun and special day. We would also like to thank Nancy Jastremski for generously opening up her beautiful home for the luncheon.

Family Recovery Center

The Family Recovery Center is a residential and outpatient treatment program dedicated to assisting women recover from substance abuse, while promoting healthy family reunifications. There are four major components of the Family Recovery Center: Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, and their Child Development Center. They provide a safe and nurturing environment that offers a holistic approach to recovery that includes addiction education and treatment, physical wellness, and meeting the psychiatric needs of their clients. For anyone interested in helping out more to support their programs, please visit their website at http://www.mhsinc.org/family-recovery-center.

January Interior Design Event

Please save the date for our next general meeting on January 16th, 2015 at 10:00 am. Award winning interiordesigner Carly Blalock, of Carly & Co. Interior Design, and local artist Maite Benito Agahnia, an artist commissioned by Rancho Valencia Resort to paint the art in all of their resort suites, will be discussing how to curate our homes. They will provide us information to help us feel more confident about the art pieces we choose as well as some of the ins and outs of the business side of finding an artist and working with art galleries. Our featured charity this month will be Miracle Babies, co-founded by CNN Hero Dr. Sean Daneshmand and Marjan Mortazavi, Esq., Miracle Babies provides support and financial assistance to families with critically ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 0is charity also enhances the well being of women, children and their families through education, prevention and medical care. Don’t miss this unique interior design event while helping support a great cause!



Nancy Jastremski, Tennis Committee Chair


We need your input!

1. Tennis Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DEC2014TAC

This current survey asks you to weigh in on whether we should have another Resident Tennis Pro versus a preferred list of pros, contracting the summer camps to the best candidate.

2. Please review the proposed rule changes mailing…

Based on the FRA community survey and the TAC recommendations, the board accepted changes to the current Tennis Rules & Regulations which will be sent out via mail this month.

3. Vote on the Dog Park: To have or have not….

The dog park is scheduled for a January vote. 0e majority of the votes tallied from the ballots will prevail. Simply said, if 100 residents vote, it would take only 51 votes to secure a dog park in front of the clubhouse. Without opposition, the dog park will be approved.

On a positive note, we have had a wonderful year of changes. 0is will be my last TAC article in the FRA newsletter, as I am stepping down from the Chair position in January.

As you may have observed, we have experienced some wonderful successes in the last year:

  • Introduction of a tennis reservation system
  • Regularly scheduled Tennis socials
  • The development of a tennis directory, including over 100 resident names
  • Two tennis surveys sent to FRA residents to guide the TAC recommendations to the Board
  • Recommendation of the development for an Ad Hoc Tennis Court Renovation Committee
  • Reccomendation to remove the tennis pro exclusivity clause from FRA Rules & Regulations
  • Restricting non-resident pros court usage during peak hours (7-10am daily)
  • Tightening gate security for tennis league and tennis lesson use
  • Recommending that security revoke FRA transponders issued to non-residents who are using our tennis courts
  • Recommending FRA create protocols for tennis court use by non-resident tennis pros, including the development of a liability waiver and security liability insurance
  • Recommending the Board purchase a professional ball machine for resident use in 2015
  • Purchasing 3 new ball mowers, currently on our courts
  • Requiring that all leagues that play on FRA courts receive approval by the TAC before being granted use of our courts
  • I personally have suggested that FRA perform further vetting of tennis pros (and other individuals given transponders or unrestricted access to the FRA community), including background checks
  • Recommend the current 1 hour limit for tennis singles play is extended to 1.5 hours
  • Exploring possible methods to generate revenue to address deferred tennis court maintenance and improvements

Thank you for your support over the past several months! I wish everyone a New Year filled with joy, health and happiness!




Fairbanks Riding Club Barn Manager, Phoenix Carver


Daisy Johnson & ZethDAISY JOHNSON is a resident of Fairbanks Ranch and has been riding at Fairbanks Riding Club for nearly six years. Daisy started riding at age /ve and has been riding “Hunter” style under the tutelage of her new trainer KIM VANDERWOOD of KV Training for the past six months. Daisy explains her interest in Hunters: “I like Hunters because of the trust you establish with the horse. You trust the horse to jump and the horse trusts you to help them get to the other side.” Now, at seventeen years old, she shared her thoughts about how to work with and ride the beautiful Warmblood horses in Kim’s program:

Daisy Johnson & Zeth 2“When working with horses, I think the most important thing to remember is to respect them. They are intelligent, enormous animals that are kind enough to allow us to ride them and they should be treated with nothing but adulation.” Daisy said she gets a full body work out from her riding lessons, and that riding has been “a great way to decompress and connect with nature and animals.”

When asked about Daisy’s riding, Kim said, “She has a fabulous riding position. She is kind to the horses, and is really open to learning.” At Fairbanks Riding Club, both Kim’s amateur and competitive clients get the individualized attention they need in preparing for success on the A and C show circuits. Kim brings her clients from learning the basics to confidently tackling a whole course of jumps. “I know my students are ready to start jumping when they can ride the walk, trot and canter, steer on a track and ride a proper corner.”

Daisy, Mom Nina deBurgh & ZethKim grew up in San Diego and worked for Tish Quirk’s highly respected breeding farm here, in Rancho Santa Fe, for ten years. Kim has a “less is more” approach toward both horse and rider and aims for both to end their work on a positive note, happy to return the arena the next day.

Kim believes riding instills responsibility and consistency, in people and helps them become goal oriented. “I like the calmness of the Hunter discipline, I like the challenge of /nding the right rhythm for the course, and I like the structure of the sport.”

Daisy is certainly a well-spoken young lady with her heart in the right place, as is evidenced by the way both people and horses respond to her. Daisy currently rides Zeth, (pictured here), and said the most important thing the horses have taught her about herself is, “I have learned that I am more trusting and patient than I thought I was.”



Fairbanks Riding Club President, Susan Ellner


Resident Susan Ellner with two other FRC ladies at the Del Mar Racetrack to watch California Chrome run

Laura de Seroux, Tatiana Tonekaboni and Susan Ellner

Laura de Seroux, Tatiana Tonekaboni and Susan Ellner

California Chrome in the paddock area before the race

California Chrome in the paddock area before the race

Resident Rider Leah Black competing at the Jingle Bell Horse Show in December

Leah, Mom Dana Black, Brother Aidan & Trainer Nicole Johnson

Leah, Mom Dana Black, Brother Aidan & Trainer Nicole Johnson

Leah &Trainer Nicole Johnson at the competition

Leah &Trainer Nicole Johnson at the competition




Most committee meetings are open to Association Members, and you are invited and encouraged to attend. If you plan to attend any meetings, we advise that you confirm the date and time with the Clubhouse, as meeting times are subject to change.

Board of Directors Meeting
President: Marlene King

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Meetings are normally held the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Environmental Control Committee
Chair: Jim Nierman

The next review meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 6:00 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room. Design review meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. The submittal deadline for design review is 2 weeks prior to the meeting. The submittal deadline for November’s meeting was Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Each regular ECC meeting features an Open Forum, wherein residents are welcome to attend and share comments or questions within a designated time frame. The remainder of the ECC meeting is closed due to the sensitive and complex nature of the projects being reviewed.

Fairbanks Ranch Community
Services District
President: Richard Sparber
General Manager: Chuck Duffy (760) 479-4125

The next meeting of the Fairbanks Ranch CSD has not yet been scheduled.

Finance Advisory Committee
Chair: Lynn Terhorst

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 6:00 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room. Meetings are normally held the third Wednesday of the month.

I.T. Advisory Committee
Chair: Matt Habeger

The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.

Landscape Advisory Committee
Chair: Stephanie Friedrich

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM in the Clubhouse Conference Room.

Planning & Land Use Advisory Committee
Chair: Bob Gerard

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 7:00pm in the Clubhouse Main Room.

Rules Enforcement Committee

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 6:00 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room. Meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of every month.

Security Advisory Committee
Chair: Bonnie Steinberg

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room.

Social Advisory Committee
Chair: Belinda Foley

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:30pm in the Clubhouse Conference Room.

Tennis Advisory Committee
Chair: Nancy Jastremski

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 4:00 PM in the Clubhouse Conference Room.



The Board of Directors is fortunate to have valuable committee advice on community issues; however, your individual ideas are also desired and encouraged. If you have input, or want to express your opinion on any Association issue, there are several avenues available to you:

1. Attend a regularly scheduled Board meeting that is usually held the fourth Wednesday of every month. An open discussion is held at the beginning of each meeting.

2. Address a letter to the Board. You may deliver it to the Association office at the Clubhouse, or mail to: P.O. Box 8166, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067, or fax to (858) 756-5485. You may also e-mail the Association at: info@fairbanksranch.org.

3. Voice your opinion to a committee by attending the appropriate committee meeting. For example: a security or safety concern would be voiced to the
Security Committee.

4. Provide your input to the General Manager, Deborah Baker, so that your concern or advice may be expressed to the full Board. Drop by the Clubhouse or call Deborah at (858) 756-4415. Her e-mail is: dbaker@fairbanksranch.org.

5. You may also call or e-mail an individual Board member, but it is important that you and/or the Board member are careful to make sure the full Board becomes aware of your input.

Fairbanks Ranch Board of Directors 2014-2015


Contact information for the Board of Directors is available in the community directory.

Marlene King. . . . . . . . . . . . . . President
Beth Golub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice President
Matt Habeger . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chief Financial Officer
Donald Levy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary
Richard Johnson . . . . . . . . . . .Director at Large


A Look at Your Community!

Check out pictures from the 2014 FRA Social Events on the website now!

Go to www.fairbanksranch.org
Log in and Click “Photos” on the le3 hand column and the pictures are arranged by the different events throughout the year.

Have more pictures from the events?
Send them to kberger@fairbanksranch.org.

Rancho Santa Fe Residents No Longer #1 Water Users In California


According to new numbers released in October by the State Water Resources Control Board, the residents of Rancho Santa Fe, California have lost their dubious designation as the number one water users in the state after putting new water regulation laws into motion.

This is good news for the town, as just one month prior in September they held the not-so-glorious distinction as being the #1 users of water in the entire state. Official numbers say back then they ranked in at using 517 gallons a day. That’s nearly four times as much water used by other average San Diego communities.

In the face of water reserves running low, Rancho Santa Fe’s water supplier, the Santa Fe Irrigation District enacted their own mandatory water restrictions such as only watering lawns three days a week and only for ten minutes, unless special water saving sprinklers are being used. Additionally, San Diego enacted new regulations as of November 1st of this past year. The regulations included strict times about when sprinklers could run and for how long, as well as a limit on watering plants. The regulations appear to be working well, so a team to enforce these rules has not been hired.

The reduction of water use can be linked to the new regulations as well as the community taking notice, and cutting back. One resident says it’s not entirely the fault of the community. “A lot of residence’s pay gardeners to tend their lawns, and they just don’t pay attention,” Laura de Seroux said. “That’s the way it is here.”