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Rancho Santa Fe News: Community is On Track to Get New Pool/Fitness Facility

Rancho Santa Fe Community Pool

Rancho Santa Fe – In late November 2014, the residents of Rancho Santa Fe made their thoughts known about a proposed pool and fitness facility. By all accounts, a sufficient number of residents are in favor of moving forward with the proposal, which could mean more recreational opportunities for homeowners with ties to The Covenant in the foreseeable future. As it stands now, residents already have access to a number of fabulous sporting options, including playing golf and tennis.

Of course the recent “yes” vote is just one step in a long road to the construction of the new facility. In the meantime, Rancho Santa Fe residents with an interest in the venue’s development should stay in contact with their local homeowner’s association as well as The Covenant’s Health Club and Pool Committee. There is typically no cost to attend the committee’s meetings and minutes taken from those get-togethers are typically posted online for interested homeowners to review at their leisure.

It has long been known that swimming, and aquatics in general, are good for Rancho Santa Fe residents of all ages. It allows them to use the water’s inherent temperature, continual resistance and buoyancy related properties to their advantage as well as remain social. That said, once the pool and fitness center are in full operation, residents will undoubtedly be able to choose from a wide variety of healthy activities.

For now, many residents and area visitors have the option to continue taking advantage of the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe’s private, heated, saltwater pool and fitness center. Saltwater pools, by the way, tend to have several advantages over chlorinated ones. For example, they are usually a lot kinder to swimmers’ eyes, hair, skin and swimsuits. Plus, they don’t have that chemical smell many Rancho Santa Fe residents look to avoid. For more information about the benefits of saltwater pools, please contact the Inn’s staff directly.